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Company profile

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Company profile

The company is located in Qingdao Nancun Town Haitao Road 8 road urban and rural pioneer Park No. 6 plant.

Floor area: 7000 square meters, company population 50+

The company adopts advanced technology, concept and production process, combined with its own excellent team, advanced equipment and strict management, strong cooperation and strategic cooperation, to open up the international market, export to more than 30 countries, and win high praise from foreign customers. And for the majority of domestic users with British quality, European standard top folding door series, upper row hanging door series, industrial sliding door series, soft fast door series, aluminum alloy gear wind resistant fast door series, aluminum alloy turbine hard fast door series, hangar door series, villa garage door series, rolling shutter door series.

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Nancun Town, Pingdu City, Qingdao 266736,China

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