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To meet the needs of customers as the starting point, we give full play to the advantages of high-tech and talents, excellence in material selection, strict quality control, meticulous and thoughtful service, to provide quality products and satisfactory service for customers in China and around the world. Welcome friends from all over the world to visit our company and discuss cooperation!

1. Integrity management

Honesty and trustworthiness as the core values, the pursuit of spiritual perfection, perfect quality, perfect service;

2. Customer first

Take customer needs as the development motivation, make every effort to meet customer needs;

3. Professional quality

Continuous innovation, continuous optimization, the pursuit of perfection, professional, high-quality products to provide customers with quality service;

4. Technical excellence

Cultivate an excellent team with advanced technology and excellent service, and constantly improve the level of service technology;

5. Service innovation

Promote innovation in the service industry, improve service quality, and meet the future development needs of customers.


Customer feedback

When customers encounter problems in the process of using the product or need after-sales service, they can give feedback to the company through telephone, email, online message and other ways.

Repair or replacement

If the problem requires on-site repair or replacement of the product, we will arrange technicians to go to the customer's location for repair or replacement. During the repair or replacement process, technicians need to maintain communication with the customer to ensure that the problem is resolved.

Problem confirmation

After receiving customer service feedback, we need to further communicate with the customer to understand the specific problem and confirm the nature and scope of the problem.

After-sales tracking

After the repair or replacement is completed, we will conduct after-sales tracking to ensure that customers are satisfied with the solution, and timely deal with customer feedback and complaints.

Problem solution

Develop corresponding solutions according to customer feedback. This may include sending technicians to the house for repairs, providing remote technical support, etc.

After-sales evaluation

We will regularly evaluate the after-sales service and collect customers' opinions and suggestions to improve the quality of after-sales service.


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