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White modern and fashionable decorative door villa garage door

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The surface has a bright color, is corrosion-resistant, does not fade, presents irregular textures, and has a beautiful three-dimensional grid, which is elegant and suitable for residential use.

When the car reaches the garage door, the door will sense and automatically open without the need for any remote control device, meeting your door opening needs.

Our company provides all kinds of industrial doors, civil doors R & D, design, production and sales and services, business involves all kinds of commercial, civil, industrial plants, logistics warehousing and other places, can meet the individual needs of different customers. After years of engineering practice, the company has accumulated rich industry experience and has been widely recognized by our customers.

Q: How is the sound insulation effect?

A: Hello, double-layer galvanized steel plate filled with polyurethane foam has the effects of sound insulation and heat insulation.

Q: Will the color fade?

A: The color of the door panel is sprayed through a spraying process and will not fade.

Q: Is the sound of opening and closing doors loud?

A: We use imported motors for smooth and noise free operation.

Q: Is the sun shading and thermal insulation effective?
A: The sun shading and thermal insulation effect is very good. Aluminum alloy or color coated steel plate filled with polyurethane foam has the function of insulation and high temperature resistance, effectively maintaining indoor heat balance.

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