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Panoramic frosted perspective garage door

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Comparison between tempered glass and ordinary glass:
Tempered glass has several times higher strength than ordinary glass, 3-5 times bending strength, and 10 times impact strength, with a high safety factor. Secondly, it is safe to use and has enhanced load-bearing capacity, improving its fragile properties. Tempered glass has 2-3 times higher quenching and rapid heat resistance than ordinary glass, and can generally withstand temperature changes above 150 ° C, which has a significant effect on preventing overheating.

The guide rail adopts galvanized steel plate, which is formed in one time, wear-resistant, anti-aging, and has a long service life

Glass color selection: clear, frosted, mirrored or coated

High quality aluminum alloy raw materials make doors of higher quality

Bottom rubber seal
Torsion spring system
High quality torsion spring system, life style more than 20,000 times

Selected high-quality galvanized stainless steel hardware accessories

Selected high-quality galvanized stainless steel hardware accessories



Heavy duty cable drum

safety device for spring break

High quality sealing and wind resistance

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